Kaia Gerber Stole Cindy Crawford’s Airport Outfit From 1991

A recent shot of Kaia Gerber at the Milan airport has me doing a double take, and you’re about to understand why. After remarking how perfectly ’90s-inspired her overall look felt, I found myself wondering if her mom, ’90s supermodel and present icon Cindy Crawford, had ever donned anything similar back in the day.

Lo and behold, she had. A quick Getty Image search of Cindy at the airport revealed that almost exactly 28 years ago, one day apart (with Cindy on February 22, 1991, and Kaia on the 23rd), the mother-daughter duo wore almost identical travel outfits, down to the cut of their straight-leg jeans and material of their leather blazers. Could Kaia have gone into the archives herself to inspire this look? We may never know, but my intuition tells me it’s very possible. To see the shockingly similar outfits for yourself, plus, of course, shop everything you need to re-create Kaia’s on-point airport style, simply keep scrolling.