Junior Arizona senator: McCain ‘put service… over and above self interest’ Video

Transcript for Junior Arizona senator: McCain ‘put service… over and above self interest’

We’re joined now senator from Arizona, senator flake joing us this morning. Thyou for joining us. We just heard senator McCain talk a a big player in American history, expressed his gratitude. You had a ly piece in “T Washington post” this morning expressing your grud John McCain. Right. Well, it tough to right. — Write. As I mentioned, I have been ING to do it forile, and er I held off maybe the longer he would be with us, but it was heartfelt. What’s that lesson you learned from him? Oh,ive. Know, his people Ta about he had a temper. It was passionate. That’s certainly the case, B he wouldckly forgive and move on, and to see good in his opponents.at is something that particularly T days we coulduse a lot more of. That’s son that he taught one. You saiu have never known Washington without senator John McCain, and you’ll always be known as tther senatm arizona he story yell about how his fightiature and how eouraged you to fight. Right. We were a plane ride back to arizona I had just joined the house in 2001.s getting beat home by ess, and bcal elected officials for challenging ding and John McCain M his way back to E plane, and I thought, oh, he is going to go after me too, and he put his finger Y Chand just said, don’t back down. He said, you’re in the right and they will come around, and it was all that I nee and from thame forward really appreciated friendship and his advice. You know, it’s no secret he was solitics toy, and you had the chance to visit within recently, and that he was optimistic about our future. Right. Yeah. Back in — it was uary of R, we sat on his deck and watched oak creek roll by, and for about an hour, he knew and admired particularly those who ho put politicsdedemocrats D reblicans.he had a he fondness Democrats from Arizona, and he did express opti that people woulo the fore in the futuho would P, you know, E good of the country above the party,he was optimistic there THA’s tough to see right now how going to happen. How do we honor his legacy? O think by being the good in our opponents. By being quick to ive, by realizing that there I ING more iortant than ourselves, to put service, you sa, and as he live I think that that’s how we honor him. Thank you for your time this ring and your tribute. Thank you.

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