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And we begin with the courtroom bale playing here in new York City today. Prent trump’s personal later, michaeco who was raided by the fbi,he’s now trying to ect whatasptup in the id. Also arriving in that courtroo Stor Daniels. It was Michael Cohen who paid her for silence not long before the election. Tot, what the jud ruled about those seized records and then what Daniels vowed W approached the Mike. ABC’s Keira Phillips leads of tonight. Reporter: A crush of cameras stormy das arrived in federal court today. Stormy — Reporter: The porn star, and those clamoring T G alimpse of her, tripping over barres. Security rushing her inside. Stormy, do you a message for thpresident? Reporter: Less fanfare for Michael co — Any comment on the allegations against you? Reporter: Thepresident’s long-time personalwyer, who paid foraniels’ silence. Cohen fightfor contr of items swept U in those raids one week ago. A new court from coh attorney revealing Cohen did work for three clients over the past year — Donald Trump, republicaniser otroidy and a third client Cohen saanted to remain ymous. Cohen arranged a$130,000 paymen Daniels days before model broidy allegedly had a relationship with. Todahe judge oering the name of Cohen’s third client be revealed — Fox News anchor Sean hannity. Ju few minut later, hannity on live radio. It’s strange twatch my owtelevisionnetwork having my nap as a lowerrd terms of it being a story. I had Noa that all the media people liked me so muc and now the ten to the program. Reporter: Hannityn downplaying his legal relationship within. Michael never represented me in any matter. I netained him the traditl sense, aretaining a lawyer. Reporter: Sayhe never paid C legal fees. I never received an invoice from Michael. I never paid legal fees to ael. But I have occasionay had brief discussions within about legal questions, about which wanted his input and perspective. Reporter: Hannity in recent days Ging his pective on those federal raids of Cohen’s of, home andotel. The liberainstream Dia, they’ve gone totally off the rails the fbi’sighly questionable raid on ael cohen,nd, of cou presidenump’s harsh criticisms of Robert Mueller’s witch hunt. Eporter: Feral prosetors say Cohen has been under investigation for months. The rain pa, look for infoion aboutossible secret cash deals madutside the campaign to protect Donald P, possible campaign finance violations. Cohen’s attorney calling the raids nprecedented,” arguing against having a separate terosecutorsthe materials to de what’s privilegednd what belongs with investigators. The president’s atey agreeing. But the judge rejected their prosors that their integrity is unimpeachable.” Inside the courtroom today, stormy Daniels not all to eak. Cohen even looking her way. Aftercourt, stormy Daniels’ attorney inviting her to come to the Mike. For years, Mr. Cohen has D he is Abo the law. He honhimself an openly referred to himself as Mr. Trump’fixer. He’s played by a drent set rules, or should we say, no rules at all. He H never tho that the ttle man, or, especially women, even more women like me, mattered. That ends now. My attorney and I are committed to maksure that everyone finds oue the facts of what happened ve my wordt we will not rest until that happens. Thank yory much. And kyraips joins us outside the court tonigh asou reported, we’ve learned coh has been under criminnvestigation for months. You talked tohael Cohen today. And we know thacohen’s been in contact with thesident since the FBI raid? Reporter: Yes, David. We know T spoke at recently T day ago. And he’s O T record as saying, quote, I will do anything to protect Mr. Trum David? Keira Phillips here in new York tonight Kyra, thank you.

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