Joe Biden’s Tax Returns Show More Than $15 Million in Income After 2016

On his disclosure, Mr. Biden listed honorariums for roughly 50 public appearances beginning in late 2017, including book tour events and speaking engagements. (The disclosure only included honorariums paid in 2018 or later.)

In January, Mr. Biden visited the battleground state of Florida for a speaking engagement in Fort Lauderdale, where he was paid an honorarium of $134,933 from the Performing Arts Center Authority. During a November swing through the Bay Area of California, an important Super Tuesday state that is also home to Ms. Harris, Mr. Biden gave four speeches, receiving about $500,000 in fees.

Most of Mr. Biden’s paid speeches have been in conjunction with a tour to promote “Promise Me, Dad,” a best-selling 2017 book about the final year of his son Beau’s life, Mr. Biden’s spokesman told The New York Times for an article this year. His campaign said that “every one of his speaking engagements was public, and more than half were also open to the press.”

Dr. Biden also listed over a dozen speaking engagements that had associated honorariums ranging from $25,367 to $66,400.

In releasing his tax returns for the past three years, Mr. Biden’s campaign noted that he had now released 21 years of returns. Other Democrats in the field have also shared their recent returns, while chiding Mr. Trump, who has refused to make his taxes public.

The Bidens’ effective tax rate has increased as they have earned more money — and paid more federal taxes — in recent years. In 2018, they paid an effective federal tax rate of 33 percent, compared with the 24 percent they paid in 2016. The Bidens reported charitable donations of $1 million in 2017 and $276,000 in 2018, up from $5,889 in 2016.

Presidential candidates are required to file financial disclosure reports with the government, giving voters a view into their assets, income and debts. Some of Mr. Biden’s rivals have also disclosed considerable wealth, including book deals, in their filings.

According to recent figures from the Center for Responsive Politics, Ms. Warren reported a net worth between $4.9 million and $11 million; Ms. Harris reported a range of $1.9 million to $6 million; and Mr. Sanders disclosed a range between $729,030 and $1.8 million. (Mr. Sanders also acknowledged in April that he was a millionaire.)