Joe Biden’s Clapback At Donald Trump Gets Applause From Stephen Colbert

He’s Stephen Colbert and he approves this Joe Biden message. 

On Saturday, President Donald Trump said at a campaign rally that people will “never see” him again if Joe Biden wins. Well, Biden’s team wants to make that a promise, immediately taking those words and putting them into a campaign ad, which Colbert is loving.

On Monday’s “The Late Show,” Colbert praised the ad, saying, “That’s already been viewed over 15 million times. For a 77-year-old, Joe has got some solid social media game.”

Of course, Biden hasn’t exactly been known as a technological savant during this year’s campaign, so Colbert launched into a Biden impression to show what his social media savvy looks like.

“That’s what you call a clap back, Jack,” he said, pretending to be Biden. “I’m gonna do it again as soon as I figure out who this little bird character is and why he wants my password. C’mon! Let me in, ya hashtags!”