Jimmy Kimmel Points Out Trump’s Disgraceful New Favorite Word

Some of us thought President Donald Trump’s favorite word was “bigly”; others believed it was “yuuuge.” We are, all of us, a disgrace.

On Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel unveiled a new Trump supercut on his late night show, and it appears the President has an all-new go-to catchphrase. (Start at 3:50).

“And I know disgrace, Don Jr. is my son,” joked Kimmel following the Trump video.

The president does love repeating himself — just ask China — but with more and more disgraceful things happening every day in Trump’s eyes, such as Roger Stone’s sentencing and Mitt Romney’s impeachment vote, this favorite phrase may be here to stay.

Few videos have entered the supercut pantheon that is Matthew McConaughey saying, “Alright,” or Owen Wilson repeating, “Wow,” but with this latest entry, Trump is clearly trying to put them to … well … you get it.