Jimmy Kimmel ‘Deals’ Supercut Mocks Donald Trump’s North Korea Walkaway

“Trump literally got more done in his summit with Kim Kardashian than Kim Jong Un,” joked Kimmel. “There’s no agreement, Kim will not give up his nuclear program, Trump comes home tiny emptyhanded.”

Kimmel said it was “a real shock that Donald Trump didn’t make a deal because that’s his thing, he’s the deal guy. He wrote The Art of the Deal. Nobody makes a bigger deal about making big deals than Donald Trump.”

He then aired a supercut video of Trump repeatedly boasting about making “great deals” and being the “best dealmaker,” before concluding: “He flew all the way over there and got nothing, like the Fyre Festival.”

Check out the clip above, and Kimmel’s take on the congressional testimony of Trump’s former fixer and lawyer, Michael Cohen, below: