Jimmy Fallon Calls Out Trump For Actual Supervillain Move

At this point in Donald Trump’s presidency, even Thanos would probably be like, “Dude. Chill.”

On Thursday, “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon brought up new reports that the Trump administration considered using a heat ray to clear peaceful protesters from Washington’s Lafayette Square in June. The U.S. military’s heat ray device reportedly makes people feel like their skin is on fire, and the idea left Fallon reacting like this:

“I’m sorry. What? A heat ray?” Fallon said. “Who are his advisers ― a bunch of Minions stacked on top of each other?” 

Trump did include some lines in his 2017 inauguration speech that were similar to supervillain Bane’s in “The Dark Knight Rises,” but that could have been an accident.

A heat ray, a favorite of comic baddies everywhere and the weapon used by the Martians in H.G. Wells’ “The War of The Worlds,” is objectively a much more intentional villain trope.

“Apparently, Trump ripped out a page of an ‘X-Men’ comic and was like, ‘This,’” Fallon joked.

Stay alert, America, because after the heat ray there’s obviously a logical progression …

Watch the full video of Fallon at the top of the page.