Jim Gaffigan’s Oscars Prediction: ‘Someone Is Probably Gonna Die Tonight’

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is highly concerned about the Academy Awards show going forward without a host this year.

“No host? That sounds like absolute chaos,” Gaffigan said in his commentary on “CBS Sunday Morning.” “That would be like a horseless carriage! Or an elevator without an operator.”

He went on: “What’s next, a car without a chauffeur? That would be certain death. Someone is probably gonna die tonight, you people! Heck, I’ll watch that. Talk about a national emergency!”

What about the logistics?

“The show will have no beginning and, following that logic, no end!” he said. “This year the Oscars may never end!”

One ray of hope remains, he said.

“Thankfully, even without an Oscar host,” Gaffigan said, “there will still be the red carpet.” 

Check out the video above for more of his commentary on these “troubled times.”