Jessica Simpson’s Stylist Discusses Open Book Tour Looks

In my mind, Jessica has always been a jeans kind of gal. From the low-rise flares of the ’00s to Daisy Dukes to today’s high-waisted and relaxed-fit jeans, she always looks good in denim. Do you and she have any go-to denim brands? What are your thoughts on bringing back the low-rise styles from 20 years ago? What is a great everyday pair of jeans that you think are timeless?

We recently found the most fantastic pair of Mother Denim flares that Jessica just wore with the Gucci blazer. They’re fantastic, really dark, dark black so they almost read as a pair of trousers. They flare and are a bit oversize, which we love to pair with a big platform shoe. Plus, they have a black button, which is something so simple but makes such a big difference. As a stylist, finding black jeans with black buttons is like discovering a unicorn.

We’re also big fans of vintage Levi’s. They take a little bit of time to find the perfect pair, but when you do, it’s so good and they are timeless and worth the investment. I also love the Khaite line right now and how its denim feels—it’s thick and strong and has a great fabrication.

As for bringing back the low-rise style, that’s a tough trend for most body types. Like me, a lot of my clients are moms that are over 40, so we’re not feeling “contained” by the low rise style. I’m still a fan of the mid- to high-rise denim style. Plus, a higher rise elongates curvy and petite figures. 

When it comes to style, obviously Jessica has her own point of view as a fashion entrepreneur. Is there ever a moment when she’s really into something but you’re not, or vise versa? Are there brands or designers you both agree on 100%?

I’ve been really really blessed in my career that all of the women I’ve worked with are very trusting and open to my guidance. When I say that I love a piece, Jessica will always try it on. It usually comes down to if the fit is not right or takes too many alterations, then it gets edited out. But she’ll always try it on for me and we’ll either have a good laugh or find something else that’s amazing.

It’s so worth taking the time to try pieces on because that’s how you bring the look to life. I can also tell by the client’s body language if they feel good in it. If they aren’t sure, I say take it off because to me it’s not worth it. I’m all about how their clients feel in their clothes because confidence shows.

Jessica is very down to earth but loves to get dressed up, which is a fun combo and allows me to pull a wide range of different things. She loves Gucci, so that’s a big brand we always look at, but I never get locked into the same designers because from season to season, things change a lot. I always go in with a vision—I’ll see it, shop it, and pull it. I don’t really care about labels when I’m shopping, because I’m looking for specific silhouettes and things that I know will be flattering for a particular client. One brand we discovered for this tour is Safiyaa. We found it on Net-a-Porter, and it is seriously fantastic. That line has amazing fabrication and strong silhouettes, which were in line with our vision. Plus, everything we put on Jessica fit like a glove—that was a fun surprise—so we got those pants in every color.