Jennifer Lopez Wore Controversial Sky-High Ankle Boots

It’s a bit hard not to envy Jennifer Lopez. She seems to have it all figured out, including how to walk in sky-high heels. Not that you need to wear towering heels to look cool, but if you want an excellent example of how it’s done (and aren’t concerned with the comfort of your feet), J.Lo is as excellent an example as it gets. For an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, Lopez wore a casual suit and tank with Christian Louboutin lace-up ankle boots with a pointed toe and stiletto heels that definitely aren’t for amateurs. 

Victorian-inspired boots have been bubbling up as of late, but they’re often in the form of kitten heels. J.Lo clearly opted to do the unexpected and wear the highest-heeled Victorian boots she could find. Keep scrolling to see them for yourself from different angles and shop similar Victorian styles.