Jennifer Lawrence Emerged From Quarantine In This Outfit

Does anyone else find themselves thinking I wonder what Jennifer Lawrence is up to from time to time, or is it just me? Pre-pandemic, I guess I took for granted the fact that we got pretty regular glimpses of her outfits, given than she lives in NYC and does (or used to do) a lot of walking. But since going out and about these days is the exception as opposed to the norm, we’ve all been missing our usual JLaw sightings. But I’m here to tell you that she’s emerged from quarantine (for the time being at least) this week, and she looks great.

It’s been very hot on the East coast lately, so Lawrence’s outfit made perfect sense for the weather. It consisted of a pretty printed slip dress with her black bra exposed underneath and her favorite Dior sneakers and a Gucci bag. If you hate strapless bras but don’t want to go braless, consider this your license to show off your bra too.

Keep scrolling to shop Lawrence’s look as well as a few more bras that are too pretty to cover up.