Jenna Fischer Wore A Towel On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ After A Wardrobe Malfunction

Jenna Fischer didn’t mean to end up in a towel during her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday, but she certainly made the best of it. 

At the start of her segment, the “Office” actress walked out to greet Kimmel in a white towel, jeans and heels. She also brought along the burgundy dress that she was supposed to wear, if not for an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

“So, this was my outfit for tonight,” the actress said, motioning toward her dress. “I waited a little too long to get dressed and then my zipper broke and I panicked.” 

But instead of calling for backup or skipping out on her appearance, Fischer decided to make the best of her clothing snafu. 

“You know ― I am a Missouri girl and the show must go on,” she said, before adding, “I’ve never been more comfortable. Mentally, I’m a little freaking out that I’m on a talk show in a towel, but I’m physically very comfortable.” 

During her Monday appearance, the actress talked about her new show, “Splitting Up Together,” and described running into the Kardashians in Tokyo.

But many Pam Beesly fans were probably wishing she’d commit to “The Office” reunion that Jim ― aka John Krasinski ― dreamed up last week. He told IndieWire that ideally, he’d love to do a Christmas special with the cast. 

“I think the U.K. thing that I always have pitched and wanted to do is that Christmas special thing, where we do a Christmas special this year and then two years from now, or three years from now, we do another one,” he said. “I love that idea coming back finding out where everybody is. I would totally be down for that.”

Krasinkski added, “It’s one of those things where I’m sure people don’t believe me when I say I would totally do it, because the truth is I would totally do it.” 

We’ll be waiting.