Jason Momoa Rubs Sanitizer On His Bare Chest For A ‘Sexy’ Challenge On ‘Kimmel’

Jason Momoa kept things fun and clean when he was tasked with making everyday activities look sexy during a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Anthony Anderson, who guest hosted Thursday night’s episode of “Kimmel,” challenged the “Aquaman” actor to use his famous charisma to spice up ordinary tasks. Momoa, who appeared on the show via video chat, came prepared, with hand sanitizer ready to go. 

“Jason, as we discussed, people find you quite attractive,” Anderson said. “So we came up with a challenge suited to your unique set of skills. These are objects used to do boring everyday activities and we want to see if you can use your sheer animal magnetism to make everything sexy. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready, big daddy,” Momoa responded. 

Momoa then proceeded to remove his shirt — prompting Anderson to do the same — before he was instructed by the guest host to sanitize his hands. 

The actor took it a step further by squirting the sanitizer bottle all over his chest and face. 

Momoa later sexed up other boring tasks, including eating tuna directly from a can and ironing a shirt. 

“You’re welcome America,” Momoa later said with a laugh. (You can watch the entire “Jimmy Kimmel Live” segment below.) 

Momoa’s new Netflix movie, “Sweet Girl,” will premiere next month. He plays a father named Ray Cooper who vows to seek justice against a pharmaceutical company that, shortly before his wife died, discontinued a drug that could have saved her life.

The first trailer for the movie was released on Friday.