January Jones Is Fiercely Loyal to These 4 Swimsuit Trends

If you take a quick glance at January Jones‘s Instagram feed, you’ll notice a fair amount of poolside swimsuit photos. Ever since quarantine began in March, Jones has let us in on her stay-at-home routine, and it involves a lot of time in her beautiful backyard clad in stylish bikinis. That’s the life, right? Jokingly, she dubbed the photo series: “Out of work actor needs attention.” She also captioned another photo: “Pro tip: Synchronized Swimming is easier when you’re solo.” 

I looked through all of Jones’s dozen-plus swimsuits and narrowed them down to four major categories. She wears certain trends over and over, just in different variations. For instance, she’ll wear a high-waisted bikini with a bandeau top one day and a ruched triangle top the next. Scroll down to see January Jones’s top four swimsuit trends according to her Instagram.