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What/If is created by Mike Kelley, who was also behind the popular series Revenge. What do you think it is about his storytelling that appeals to audiences?

Well for one, Mike is great at writing female villains and female rivalry. Who doesn’t love Cruella De Vil? We love drama! I love drama. He puts his characters in extraordinary circumstances and watches them crawl themselves out. What I think makes Mike so good is that even in delicious, over-the-top scenarios, the characters are coming from real human need. Also, in our story, women aren’t actually fighting over a man, they are fighting for power and domination, and on a deeper level, they are fighting for acceptance and love. Each character in What/If is complex, yearning for love, and hurting someone along the way. I think the audience will disagree over who is good or bad, right or wrong. I also just think Mike is fun, and because of that, his writing is entertaining as hell. 

You are no stranger to a good suspense story. What is it about these stories and your characters that speak to you as an actress?

I, as a viewer, love suspense. Silence of the Lambs might be my favorite movie. My attraction as an actress comes from my attraction as an audience member.