I’ve Tried Over 15 Lingerie Trends—These Are the Best

Some of you may be thinking what even is a lingerie trend and why has this girl tried over 15 of them? To that, I say fair point, but let me explain. I love lingerie. Ever since I witnessed Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl wear some of the most stunning corsets, matching sets, and garter belts underneath her everyday clothes, I was intrigued by the notion of it all. Do “normal” (a.k.a. not fictional characters) wear lingerie that gorgeous in place of the random probably way too old to still be in my underwear drawer items I was wearing instead? The answer is yes. 

After talking to many lingerie experts throughout my time here at Who What Wear, testing a large handful of styles out for a little lingerie challenge I set for myself, and being a die-hard lingerie fanatic, on my own, I have officially tried over 15 lingerie trends IRL. I will admit, a lot of them did not land including underwear that basically has no back (yeah, I know), shimmer lingerie (my clothes had glitter all over them for weeks), and a few others I’d rather not talk about. But as far as the ones that did stick, they’ve been sticking with me for years and I can’t imagine what my lingerie life would be like without them. 

Ahead, find out which, out of 15, lingerie trends are my official favorites plus shop pieces I’m loving from each trend category.