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Transcript for Ivanka Trump: The media is not the enemy of the people

wi S down with Robert Mueller. Buthe presidelso reacting tonight to what his daughter, ivanka, said today. Ivankamp describing what she says was a, quote, low point in the white house. D answerin questions about the meeting in T tower after Hillary Clinton. Did ivanka know about it the presidight responding to his own word and ABC’s Kyra Phillips ING us reporter: The the pictures that stunned the nation. Miant children in date centers, thousands of them sepad from the P by the trumadministra today, for thfirst timedescribing it as low point for her. House R a number your colleagues was the K border issue what is your view of that? At was a L point F me, well I fe vstrongly about that, and I very vehently again family separation. I a daughteof an immigr my Mr ew up in communist Czech republ country of laws.epr: At an aos forum todahe preside daughter, and senior white housealso askedbout the esident’s repeated attacks on the N media. Hri this week, orters hurling insults at the president himsels called the media — The enemy enemy ofhe people. Reporte so today, in front of a room of reporters, his daugas asked — Do you think that we’re the enemy of the people? People? , No, I doot feel that the media ie enemy ofhe ople. Reporter: She als the first time about that in meeting where her brother and husband me with a russianyer ey were told had don Hillary Clinton. Have you Robert miller, and D U know the trump tower meeting June 26 T happened, or did you see any of those VI? O So, let’s geraps. Thesident re ivankatrump’s wos Repr: That’sright. Anrump said today she doesn’t believe T enemy is E im — E media is the ene the people. D the president responded, Y asked M dghter ivanka whether or not the med T Y of the people. Is a large percentage ofhemedia, that I the enemy of the pele.” Prent and H dauter tonight, David. Kyra phps tonight thank you. And ABC news

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