IU mumps outbreak now at 20 cases in dorms and fraternity – Indiana News



BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WTHR) — IU Bloomington is giving an update on the mumps outbreak on campus.

So far, the there are 20 confirmed cases. Nine of those cases were linked to on fraternity. Once that link was found, the university held a clinic with those fraternity members and associates.

About half the cases were students living in dorms on campus.

There are three students still in isolation and the rest have been treated and released.

Two of the students are international students and all had been vaccinated against the mumps. 16 of the cases were in students who had received two doses of the MMR vaccine. Experts at the news conference say that even with the two doses of the MMR vaccine, it is still only 88 percent effective.

Indiana University is working with students and professors to help students missing class or assignments as a result.

IU is also working with the Centers for Disease Control by sending out emails to every student who might have come in contact with the virus.