It’s Going to Be a Very Different Fourth of July

Trump and Biden announce June fund-raising hauls, and the College Democrats of America face pressure on equity. It’s Thursday, and this is your politics tip sheet.

The authorities in Seattle yesterday cleared out the area around a police station on Capitol Hill where protesters had created their own autonomous zone.

At a fund-raiser on Wednesday, Joe Biden described the threats to the voting process his team was preparing for nearly four months out from Election Day, remarks that come as the former vice president has repeatedly suggested President Trump may try to disrupt the election.

The first step, Biden said, was “to shout from the rooftops: ‘be careful — he’s coming.’”

Republicans have denied Trump will seek to disrupt the election, though he has made dozens of false claims about mail balloting and has sought to stoke doubts about the election system.

According to a pool report from the fund-raiser, Biden said that his campaign had assembled 600 lawyers and others across the country who are prepared to go into the states “to try to figure out why the chicanery is likely to take place.”

Asked to elaborate on the initiative Biden mentioned, a campaign official provided a statement that said the coordinated effort between the Biden camp and the Democratic National Committee was “building a voter protection infrastructure to protect Americans’ right to participate in a fair election — including funding voter protection positions in battleground states, a national voter resource hub, and voter assistance hotline, as well as litigation, education, advocacy and organizing resources.”

“It’s going to be hard,” Biden said at the fund-raiser. “And if it’s close, watch out.”

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