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Transcript for Is this the ultimate cure for hiccups? Dr. Ian Smith breaks down old-school remedies

We’ll start with whether or not sugar can help cure hiccups. I’ve never heard that. You never heard that? No. What do you guys think? True or false? About 50/50. The answer is true. How? This is how it works, the diaphragm which is your body’s breathing muscle in between your chest cavity and your abdominal cavity. Is what spasms when you hiccup. There’s a Vegas nerve and sphrenic nerve. The belief is that sugar may distract or stimulate the Vegas nerve to relax the diaphragm and stop the spasm. So what do you do? You can take a tea spoon of sugar and put it in warm water or take a tea spoon of sugar and just swallow that. That’s like a pixie stick. I’m all healed. The magic of sugar. Okay. I didn’t know that. That’s a good one. A lot of people get burns. You want to know your first remedy. One thing is people take an egg, crack it and take only the egg white. So you take the egg white. Let’s say stray has a burn here. We’ll simulate it. I’ll be the Guinea pig. You have a burn on both sides. Watch the watch. I know. I can’t afford to pay for that. Take the egg whites because they have protein in them. When doctors treat burns sometimes — Hold on. We didn’t ask the audience if it’s true or false. I’m explaining how they think it works. Right now I’m going to get salmonella. Do you think this will cool a burn? The answer is false. In fact, never do this because you don’t want to infect a burn. A burn is very porous. You could have bacteria in there. Hold on. It’s false and you have me doing it? Yeah. Just for demo purposes. Lastly is garlic. This looks yummy. Could garlic boost your immune system? True or false? Absolutely true. Garlic can boost your immune system. How? I know how. It boosts your immune system because nobody wants to be around you and you won’t get sick from everybody. Pour water in your cups with lemon juice and garlic and honey. Did you put it all in there? Yeah. Not all of it, but all the ingredients. This is a weird mix. Garlic contains sulphur containing compounds and they’ll boost your immune system and help you fight disease. Your grandmother was right, a little garlic in hot water makes the difference. I’m not drinking that. Anybody in the audience want to try it? Come on. Come on, my man. You can try this. One of the craziest things I did growing up — try that. I remember my relatives saying if the joints are stiff, spray some wd-40 on them. That’s right. And some people believe that windex is a — not me. There are people that believe windex solves everything. How is it? It’s good. Take it with you. Go sit down. The lady next to you will turn her head away. That’s okay. You’re always giving us medical advice. You have the book “The ancient nine.” What is it about? It’s about Harvard’s secret society. It starts in the 1700s. I was a member of one. It’s about the elite all male societies, all the presidents, Kennedy, Roosevelt have been members. It’s a mystery. It’s a thriller. Definitely check it out. It’s about a kid getting into the secret society in Harvard called the delta club and realizes two kids disappeared in 1927 and he’s trying to solve what happened. I like that. It’s a secret society that’s no longer a secret because you just wrote about it. It’s based on real events. I pulled back the curtain so you can see what happens in these elite Harvard clubs. It’s so well-received it’s been optioned as a movie. Yes. It’s been optioned to a movie. Go to our Facebook page. We have a contest to solve the mystery. Go to the ancient nine on Facebook. Because we love everyone here, Dr. Ian Smith’s book is in stores tomorrow, but everyone in our studio is going home with a

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