Is Neon the Next Big Fall Trend?

Despite runway and street style trends bubbling up seemingly every day and your favorite fashion publications spotlighting the latest of-the-moment pieces to lust after, there is perhaps no clearer sign of a trend than that of buyer power. In other words, if people are purchasing an item in mass, then that is a trend worth noticing. That’s why when we caught wind that more than 2716 neon pieces of apparel and accessories were sold on eBay in the last 60 days, we did a double take.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the neon trend making a comeback this autumn. After all, ’80s motifs were sprinkled across F/W 18 collections, with wearable takes on the flamboyant decade like acid-wash denim, bold shoulders, and, of course, neon.

Interested in trying out the neon trend like the other 2716 shoppers? Scroll down for a few street style–inspired outfits and shop our neon picks to wear this autumn.