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We want to turn to an alarming report. Hundreds of doctors in the U.S. Have surrendered their license after being accused of unprofessional conduct, but they are free to practice in other states. Erielle reshef is here with the details. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you, whit. This morning, a warning from a woman who says her life was upended by a surgery gone wrong and a doctor with misconduct who kept practicing. When this woman awoke from neck surgery, something was terribly wrong. I told them I couldn’t feel legs. Reporter: She never walked again after that procedure performed by Dr. Cyril raben, a physician with a troubled past. He has taken away my life. Now I sit in bed all day. Reporter: He had faced complaints in disciplinary action in Ohio in 2014. He used a loophole for doctors accused of unprofessional conduct, surrendering his license, able to practice medicine in another state. We found cases of hundreds and hundreds of doctors who have, you know, fit that M.O. Of getting in serious trouble in their home state and leaving once they are disciplined and setting up shop somewhere else without any restrictions on their license. Reporter: An investigation by usa today med page today found more than 250 doctors who surrendered a medical license, managed to build new practices across state lines. Suspension of a license can be done when a doctor faces evidence of misconduct like handing out improper opioid prescriptions, having inappropriate relationships with patients or repeated surgical mishaps. But the investigation found that information isn’t always found from state to state. The business of disciplining doctors is done on a state by state basis, but medical boards don’t have jurisdiction in other states. Reporter: Despite the data bank that includes medicare fraud, criminal arrests and other actions, looking up a doctor’s past isn’t a simple. The problem is it’s secret. It isn’t available to patients. The people who need to know the information the most are not allowed to use it. Reporter: Usa today was told he worked until he died and did a lot of good for his patients. He says in a lot of cases the harm was caused by others and not him. What can people do to get more information about their doctor? As we mentioned, it can be difficult to get that information, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your research. Look up the state medical board’s information, and they usually have a website. If you know your doctor has practiced or has been certify in another state, look up that website as well. Great information. Thank you. Important. Thank you, erielle. Coming up on the show this morning, you’re going to hear

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