Introverts, Listen Up: This Private Cabin Is How You Fly Without Interacting With Anyone

The guy snoring like a chainsaw in 29F, the tantrum-throwing 2-year-old in 30C, the teenager next to you playing his music through his earbuds loud enough for everyone to hear: It’s enough to drive even the most levelheaded person crazy. But what if you had a room of your own?

Over the weekend, Emirates unveiled its new totally private suites. The 40-square-foot cabins, which can be closed off to the rest of the plane with a sliding glass door that extends to the ceiling, include a minibar and service window so introverts passengers don’teven have to interact with the crew if they don’t want to. Have your food slid through the service window, make your own drinks, watch movies on the cabin’s 32-inch screen and relish in the comfort of a fully reclinable “zero-gravity” chair — all without any human contact. 

The first completely private cabins will premiere on select Emirates flights from Dubai to Brussels and Geneva as early as December. Although, with tickets as much as $5,200 (for the flight we scoped out), you could rent a nice one-bedroom apartment for a month.

Hey, that’s the price for peace and quiet.