Interview: Kim Kardashian West on Her Carolina Lemke Collab

If you want to know what mainstream fashion is going to look like in a month or two, just direct your eyes to Kim Kardashian West. What South Korea is to skincare and what Google is to tech, the Kardashians—Queen Kim, in particular—are to style and makeup. She creates, curates, and publicizes the trends of the imminent future. So two weeks ago, when we caught wind that KKW was collaborating with relatively under-the-radar German sunglasses designer Carolina Lemke to release a new collection of futuristic, head-turning shades (which dropped April 2 on, we stood at attention. The Berlin-born brand, which is so unknown in the United States that it wasn’t even available on our side of the pond until launching alongside KKW earlier this week, was an intriguing choice for beauty mogul KKW, who is not only promoting the brand but actually conceptualized and helped design each style from soup to nuts.

The April 2 release consists of seven bold shapes (price tags start at $90) in hues like neon orange, jet black, and sleek silver; expect six more later this spring. The complete collection will feature geometric shield styles (big enough to hide even the most considerable under-eye bags), as well as narrower ’90s frames and a tiny, oval variety (proving the controversial trend isn’t going anywhere in 2019). True to KKW form, her debut in the accessory space is nothing subtle.