Interview: Julianne Hough Reveals Her Best Hair Tips

Even in an era when screenshots reign supreme, I still carry an ID-size photo of Julianne Hough’s head in my wallet. I’ve always identified as a blonde, and the dancer, singer, and actress has played the role of the ultimate hair muse in my life. Having been in the beauty industry for years now, I know my admiration (and maybe slight case of hair envy) isn’t rare.

Aside from the times Hough dabbled in hues like red, brunette, and even pink, the signature bright and buttery variations of blonde she’s known for have served as my go-to color reference whenever I’m sitting in the salon chair awaiting fresh highlights (hence my aforementioned wallet photo). Even when she’s been brave enough to experiment with the colors, styles, and cuts that might make many of us skittish, her adventurous approach to beauty is what makes Hough one of the most exciting celebrities on our radar.

As any beauty lover or perpetual color addict will know, one can’t maintain Hough’s chameleon-like hair tendencies without a little bit of magic. And by magic, we mean A+ treatments, products, and experts that provide color-weakened hair with the TLC it needs in order to remain soft, strong, and lustrous rather than dry, damaged, and brittle. Regardless of how many times Hough has switched up her vibe over the years, her hair has maintained its trademark shine and thickness and seems to bounce back faster post-bleach and -tone than we do after a night of one too many tequila shots. So what’s her secret?