Inside Monica Rose’s 1088-Square-Foot Studio Closet

If there’s one celebrity stylist that all the major Hollywood girls have on speed dial, it’s Monica Rose. Think Chrissy Teigen, Sofia Richie, Shay Mitchell, and Chanel Iman, to name a few. It’s not hard to imagine how many pairs of shoes, bags, sunglasses, and racks of clothing Rose needs on hand when her clients come by. In fact, the sheer volume of things that needed organizing was one of the biggest challenges Lisa Adams, founder of L.A. Closet Design, had when designing Rose’s closet.

Adams was faced with a monumental task, but she took it head-on and managed to create a multifaceted 1800-square-foot space that also serves as a chic, minimal, and cozy studio, office, and closet where Rose and her clients can work. You can see from the photos that Rose’s fashion style absolutely influenced her closet design.

“My style is masculine with a touch of feminine, chic yet minimal,” she says. “I love a neutral palette, and I love to mix vintage with modern. I also tend to gravitate toward a lot of marble and clean lines.” All the pipes throughout the closet design are very strong and have clean lines, yet all the accents are softer and chic, just like her personal approach.

There is so much to love about this closet design, but our favorite part is the stunning lounge area complete with a curved velvet sofa—a hot trend we hope is here to stay. Read on to learn how Adams did it and then shop the look.