I’m Utterly Obsessed With These 30 Indie-Label Buys

Part of my job as a fashion editor involves uncovering new and emerging designers that deserve to be on your radar (if they’re not already). It’s one of the most rewarding parts of what I do and believe me when I say there’s nothing better than watching a young label have its proverbial “glow up” going from virtually unknown to cult-popular. And getting to say that I spotted them early on is been better (nothing wrong with a little humblr brag, OK?)

Although I shop from the big-name brands, too, there’s no denying that indie-label buys just hit different. Each of them offers a perspective that’s wholly original and shopping from them basically guarantees you won’t be dressing like everyone else. From the beautifully minimal silhouettes on offer from NZ-based Paris Georgia to the fun-loving and sustainable lingerie sets from London’s Fruity Booty, keep reading to discover my favorite indie clothing brands and shop the exact pieces in my cart right now.