I Test-Drove Spring’s Biggest Color Trends

Call me boring, but I have a penchant for dressing in neutrals—black, white, grey and beige are my go-tos, and I rarely veer too far from this color spectrum. You can understand my joy when every shade of creamy beige trotted down the spring runways—my wardrobe basically summed up in a fashion nutshell. But alongside the ecru hues were a splattering of bright, bold, and energizing colors I simply couldn’t ignore.

Sure, Pantone’s color of the year, living coral was palpable, but how about that vibrant turmeric orange or fiesta red? I decided to get out of my sartorial comfort zone and test-drive some of spring’s biggest color trends that are actually wearable. While some shades are inevitably harder to wear from head to toe, I tried sprinkling these trending colors into my existing wardrobe staples, and the effect was surprisingly refreshing.

Not only did they give me a fresh and revitalizing way of approaching my outfits, but they categorically proved I can pull off more colors than I think. And I’m sure my dear readers, you can too! Scroll below for the trending spring colors I found the simplest to wear.