I Spent a Week Walking in Meghan Markle’s Favorite Shoes

It’s the last day of walking in Meghan Markle’s shoes, and I would love to say that I feel more like a duchess than ever, but that’s not quite the case. What I do feel is comfortable.

There’s something to be said for Markle’s brand loyalty. I’ve been switching off between the two styles—personally, the heels are a better fit for me—and have no blisters or foot pain to show for it. I can’t speak exactly to the duchess’s day-to-day schedule, but I believe she chooses these shoes (as well as other go-to designers, such as Manolo Blahnik and Aquazzura) because they can keep up.

For me, I find it helps to have a smaller, reliable batch of shoe options to choose from each day instead of being overwhelmed with choices. I found getting dressed each morning a bit less time-consuming but still enjoyable. Some days I was a bit more creative, and others I simply relied on the leopard print to add something special to an outfit.

This experiment started as a means to understand Meghan Markle a bit better. And while I can assure you that no one on the subway ever mistook me for a member of any royal family, dressing the part felt like I was one step closer.