I Saved $385 From Doing All My Shopping on Amazon Prime Day

As a fashion person, you know I live for a good sale and in case you have yet to open up your email today, I’ll be the first to notify you that it’s Amazon Prime Day—aka one of the most exciting online sales of the season (as far as my wallet and I are concerned). If you were to look in my Amazon cart on any random day, you’d find everything from my restock of dish soap to some well-reviewed fashion and beauty gems but in anticipation of all the deals and discounts flooding the megaretailer today, it’s filled with my favorite fall fashion finds.

For context, each season I create a shopping list that helps me stay both to stay within my budget and only buy what I truly think I’ll wear a lot. It includes all the pieces I have my eye on, the new trends I want to add to my closet, as well as a rotating list of the basics that need restocking. The list can be quite long since I constantly have my eye on the latest buys and therefore I don’t end up buying all of it. Well, possibly until now.

I went ahead and curated my ultimate fall shopping list on Amazon and even pulled out my calculator to help me crunch the numbers. In the end, making these key buys during the sale is saving me a total of $384.52—and I’ve got the receipts to prove it. Ahead, see the breakdown of my Prime Day savings and then shop every basic and trend item in my cart.