I Predict These 26 & Other Stories Finds Will Sell Out

Being a market editor, it’s part of my job to drop in on the new-arrivals sections of my favorite retailers to see what’s hot on the market. I’m always adding new items to my stories, and I’ve noticed some of my picks just happen to be the ones that end up selling out. I guess you could say it’s a coincidence, or I’m just good at my job. If you agree with the latter, then you’ll be happy to hear that I went through pages of products on the & Other Stories site and picked out pieces that I think are going to be best sellers.

As I grow older into my 20s and continue to navigate my sense of style, & Other Stories just happens to be a prime shopping spot. Its items meet the perfect balance between trend-forward and elevated. While I do love a trendy item, I want it to be versatile enough that I can wear it for years. If that seems like your shopping mindset right now, then you’ll love the picks I’ve gathered ahead.