I Have Edgy Style—These are the Fall Trends I’m Into

I hope that by now we’ve educated you to no end about the biggest fall trends, which ones to invest in and which to go for the budget buy. But if you wanted a little refresher on styles that are currently in view, here’s my short list of styles I’m seeing everywhere: animal print of all kinds, bright neon shades (especially neon green), anything ’80s inspired, and shades of beige and brown.

Now that you’re all caught up on the best fall trends according to me, I’m going to show you exactly how I’ve been styling them this month. It’s only natural to pick and choose the trends that are well suited to your personal style—that’s why it’s called personal style, after all. To make the season’s current styles fit into my into my outfit rotations, I narrowed in on three larger trends that are afoot—leopard print, bright colors, and new seasonal wardrobe basics. I took incorporated a few key pieces from each of these fall trends into my edgy style to really make them my own.

I say “edgy” because I’m always balancing softer and tougher pieces alongside each other. If you’re wondering which fall trends are ultimately approved by this fashion editor, simply keep reading to discover how I’m wearing them and then shop the pieces in my current rotation.