I Got a Scalp Facial—and It Cured My Dry, Itchy Scalp

We’re not afraid of a little TMI here at Who What Wear. Kat Collings has chronicled her experience with Thinx period underwear, Caitlin Burnett has written about her experience with micro-needling and IPL, and Erin Jahns has been honest about her skin battles as a pimple-prone beauty editor. So in the spirit of my co-workers who bared it all before me, I present you with an insanely close-up look at my (sort of disgusting) scalp. Let me explain.

I’ve struggled with dandruff and a dry, itchy scalp for years. Scratching my head often releases a flurry of snowlike flakes on my collar. Embarrassing. No matter how much dandruff shampoo and Scalpicin I use, I’ve never seemed to be able to conquer my itchy scalp. So when I read about Blow Me Away, a “head spa” in L.A. and Tokyo that specializes in the Japanese method of scalp revitalization, I was immediately intrigued. The owner, Keiko Uehara, kindly set me up with an appointment, and to say I was excited would be an understatement.

I received the Dry Scalp Care service from Blow Me Away’s head spa technician, Sayaka Lee. It included a 15-minute consultation, a 45-minute treatment session, and a 30-minute blow-dry. The consultation was first. Lee sat me down in front of a computer and used a magnifier to look at my scalp and assess its condition (resulting in the jarringly close-up photos below). This was when she stressed the importance of lifestyle habits when it comes to your scalp and hair health. She told me that plenty of sleep, a healthy diet, ample water intake, and minimal stress are all vital to your scalp health and, in return, your hair health.