I Found the 28 Coolest Shoes on Nordstrom, Mango, and ASOS

Anyone who loves footwear as much as I do knows how easy it is to fall into a so-called rabbit hole on the internet. It starts innocently enough with a quick gander at a shopping site or two, but somehow I eventually find myself with shopping carts and wish lists full and several tabs open all at once—and frankly speaking, I’m not ashamed. After all, in many ways, it’s my job to meticulously browse the internet to find the best pieces for beloved readers such as yourselves, which is why my latest endeavor was to unearth the best footwear arrivals from three standout sites: Mango, ASOS, and Nordstrom.

Ahead, see the 28 coolest shoes I found for your fall shopping pleasure, and read for tips on how to style them for the season and all of its glorious dressing occasions.