I Bought Fashion’s Biggest Trend Off Amazon for $4

Take a quick browse through our roundup of the best looks from New York fashion week and you’ll quickly see that bike shorts are one of the biggest trends worn to and from the shows. We first introduced the trend last season (thanks to Kim Kardashian repping the sporty shorts) and it’s slowly grown on everyone in the fashion industry. We even tested the trend for you a few months ago showing you how girls in Los Angeles and New York City style the biker look. So fast-forward to the streets of fashion week and you’ll see that fashion influencers have given in and found severs interesting ways to make the athletic shorts look incredibly stylish.

 I myself finally gave in to the trend and purchased two pairs off amazon for $4. I’m heading to Milan this week for fashion week and have already planning several outfits around the leggings-style shorts. Stay tuned for how I wear the biker pants and in the meantime let us know how you’re wearing the trend using the hashtag #WhoWhatWearing on Instagram.