How to Wear Thong Sandals in 2019

If you had asked me not too long ago to name a few of the trends I’d never step foot in, thong sandals would have topped that list. But, as the headline suggests, I’ve since come around to the controversial shoe trend that’s been taking 2019 by storm. With so many fashion people styling the sandals, it was finally time I put my hesitation toward flip-flops behind me and started introducing them into my summer outfit rotation.

Last month, I headed to Hawaii to put the flip-flop trend to the test with none other than the Brazilian brand that’s been making the sandals so iconic for 50 years, Havaianas. Between exploring the sleepy surf towns on Oahu’s North Shore, hiking up to stunning vista points, taking a sunset boat ride, and even trying out surfing for myself, I styled a few pairs of their thong sandals in the chicest ways I knew how.

If you’re hesitant to test out the sandals for yourself, feel free to copy one (or all) of the outfits I’m sharing below. I won’t mind. To see how I wore thong sandals throughout the trip and shop my favorite pairs, simply keep scrolling.