How to Wear Jeans With Flat Boots

As we’ve been covering throughout the season, there’s one shoe trend that we’d call the key style of the moment. Yep, we’re talking about flat chunky boots. It’s really no surprise why this silhouette is a front-runner amongst the fashion crowd. It’s practical with a focus on comfort and also quite chic and forward as well. It also happens to be extremely versatile, and can be worn with a range of outfits. On that note, chunky boots look especially great with jeans.

To showcase this further, we scrolled through the feeds of some of our favorite follows to uncover stylish ensembles that feature both jeans and chunky boots. What you’ll find below is a range of A+ looks that could be worth testing out this season if you’re looking for a fresh denim vibe. Keep scrolling for more. Oh, you’ll also uncover a smattering of inspired jeans and chunky boots to shop as well.