How to Wear Converse in 2018

If there’s one sneaker brand in the world that has achieved total stardom, it’s Converse. There’s something about being able to say you’ve worn the same sneaker style your whole life that just warms the heart. Although Converse shoes haven’t changed for years, the trends from the time you started wearing them to now definitely have. That’s why the best way to wear these sneakers right now is by pairing them with the most forward and fashionable styles that have made their mark on 2018.

Wear Converse with trends that make people stop and stare, such as faux-fur coats over sweatpants, zip turtlenecks with vinyl pants, and corset belts galore. These outfit ideas came to us through the street style elite, each of whom wears Converse in the most inventive of ways. Let their continual evolution of these timeless shoes inspire you to get creative when it comes to those other classic pieces in your wardrobe as well. Keep reading to see the most current ways to style Converse.