How to Style Your Sneakers During the Fall

Styling boots and sweaters come the fall season typically feels like a piece of cake—comfortable if you will. But when it comes to styling sneakers, especially if they are not in your usual wheelhouse, things can feel a little dicey. Here to help us navigate the coolest ways to style sneakers this fall is one of my favorite content creators, Chloé Pierre. Chloé is currently based in London, which means she has an even fresher perspective on the style scene than we would get by just looking here in the United States. 

What initially caught my eye when it came to Chloé was the way she styles some of the most classic and iconic sneaker styles. From my personal experience, styling such heritage sneakers like that can feel tricky, but thanks to her expert style tips ahead, I’ve never felt more confident about how to approach my sneaker styling this fall. From utilizing classic pieces like shirtdresses to juxtaposing the streetwear vibe with something more elegant, Chloé proves she can really hit the nail on the head when it comes to making such iconic sneakers look their very best. 

Go on to see the five ways Chloé is encouraging us to style our sneakers this season and to shop everything you’ll need to copy the looks.