How to Style Long Hair With Bangs, and the Products to Use

How did you prepare? I drank five glasses of wine (KIDDING). Honestly, even though I get a little squeamish when it comes to making changes with hair, I completely trust Cervando, and I just let him do his thing. Cervando is familiar with my hair, so I didn’t go in for a consultation prior to my appointment, but if you’re seeing someone for the first time, I definitely recommend meeting with them in-person beforehand to chat through your goals and share some inspiration pics. Cervando and I consistently DM each other retro hair inspiration, so he knew the kind of vibe I was looking for.

What happened during the whole process? First of all, as someone who has been to almost every major hair salon in Los Angeles at this point, I can say in full honesty that 454 North is my absolute favorite. It’s tucked right off of Robertson, but it’s this amazing, cozy two-story bungalow that Maldonado re-imagined as the chicest of salons. Everyone is lovely, all the stylists and colorists are so, SO talented, and I feel so lucky to have found such a gem. Since I get anxious with hair, a salon that’s chaotic just doesn’t feel like a good environment to me, so I appreciate the serenity of 454 North. After checking in at the front desk, I was given a gown and a can of LaCroix before being picked up by Cervando and his wonderful assistant Donnie Thorpe to head back to his chair. 

After Cervando took a moment to look at my hair (no kidding, it’s grown a foot since I regularly started seeing him and living by his and my colorist’s rules of healthy hair), I told him that I was looking for bangs, but a style that wasn’t too short and that would still feel low-maintenance and easy to style. (I suck at doing my hair and also wear my hair up a lot—I wanted my bangs to still feel functional!) Cervando agreed that while he loved my long hair, it was almost a little too long for my face and fine texture, so in addition to cutting my bangs, he wanted to take a couple of inches off my ends to keep my hair looking full; the idea was that the whole cut would frame my face better, something I was completely on board with.

Cervando did part of the trim when my hair was wet and with me standing (I’m tall, so this is important!) and then finished off my layers after Donnie had blown out my hair. Ultimately, we decided on a bang length that would hit right around my cheekbones. I’m obsessed! The haircut truly changed how my face looked in the best way possible.