How to Style Everyday Winter Basics

Is it just me, or can winter outfits start to feel dull and repetitive? For most of us, once temperatures drop to a certain level, the focus shifts from looking chic to avoiding hypothermia. You end up in the same outfit formula day after day—some combination of a sweater, heavy coat, thick boots, and fuzzy hat. It can get dull fast.

Well, I’m here today to help in the winter outfit formula department by bringing you five different ways to wear three of the most common winter basics: A puffer jacket, a beanie, and a chunky knit sweater. If you live somewhere other than L.A. (it just doesn’t get that cold here, truthfully), there’s an extremely high probability that you have all three of those items in your closet and that they’re staples in your winter wardrobe. From interesting layering ideas to utilizing bold color, below I’ve highlighted some cool (and hopefully new!) ways to style everyday winter basics, plus shopped out a few in case you don’t already own one.