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Jen ashtonreatce, thanks very much. Now to oet se. Retailerve tricks to make us spend moutecky wy has the real secretsho how he rack telus. Yes. How do we find these I saleokay, got a little news. Ws. The on codeten so use to, I’m notting as ny wse anymore. We’re tuinhing new. If you walked into a S you would go strain tohe sales rack, right? Would combgh it E botsn the internet creatinges rack of the internet and going through and biggestceps and T listed on Dea aggregator sites.o like ca camelcamelcamem,, wire cr and you’ll see the bigri drops ite online. The , it 129 bu nowt’s $49. Thoseig discount They D the for It’s not great F when you’re searching for something spec B browsing that’s where you’ll find deals now if speaking deals, feels like a long time T future. But youay we can strike while the irore hot now early. Right,s ceping earlier D earlier ery , so black Friday deals will actuay within the next two three week, a couple weeks before en. U rt now. ING at websites that classify all these dealsike or and’s the trick, Y H ma list, setbudget, B prepared to pull the when live. T wait until thankiving to buy electronics.y reach T bottom. So we all know tailers U these tcks to get us to buy. Cathem?o we need one. You’re in your social media feed ad pops up. Is, okay. What is that? T I quest THA everybody is asking. Do you guys. Can you guess what that is? I’mot on that’s on purpose.they want to pique our C in sociaode soe click on to it. I’how youtt is bizarrely, it is a ring that holes your nail Polish bottle. Hings you didn’ knowou . Thing is by putting thing curious that got us to ick on the ad we’ve now opened up the app onur phone. We’re in social media browsing mode and sudnly we’re shoppi,re blowing all the savings at we sde holding on to until those B Friday deals come. I would havelicked O not going to lie. Ginger, we have a gift you, my end.

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