How to Shape Your Eyebrows, According to Top Brow Artists

A few weeks ago, I experienced a little bit of a shock. I was in the middle of a deep, arctic-level dive into my camera roll when I stumbled upon a series of selfies from my senior year of college. Scary stuff. Of course, there were the usual cringe-inducing suspects—too many layers of bronzer, a too-thick cat eye (at least for an 8 a.m. literature class), and an unhealthy amount of hydrogen peroxide. (How do I still have hair on my head?) Anyway, what was perhaps most alarming was the staggering thinness of my eyebrows. And even more staggering was my recollection that senior year of college was probably my brows’ peak stage of thickness since, say, freshmen year of high school. My 2019 full-browed self was floored. I’ve diligently steered clear of my banished stash of tweezers for years now and solely rely on seasoned brow experts a few times a year to administer any kind of shaping or upkeep my brows require. I know that I’ve been on my best brow behavior. I just didn’t realize how significant an effect it’s had or how much of a difference it’s made on my overall appearance.

I sent the most alarming of college selfies to my mom and friends, and they immediately vocalized what I couldn’t help thinking the second I laid eyes on them: My much less alarming brows of 2019 make me look so much more put-together and, frankly, all around better than my uneven, ultra-thin brows circa 2015. Of course, everyone naturally has a different shape and thickness. This is not to say thin eyebrows are in any way bad, but the realization made me extremely thankful for my current set of arches and the numerous brow experts who have nurtured and shaped their way back to compliment-worthy rather than cringe-worthy status. Finding and cultivating your best shape is kind of an art, and unfortunately, it can be a rocky and intimidating road.

I’ve learned a lot about brows over the years, and being a beauty editor, I have access to the world’s best brow products and experts. This isn’t a blessing I take lightly, so I thought I’d spread the wealth by tapping two of the industry’s most sought-after brow artists who cater to some of the most arch-blessed beings on the planet—models, actresses, singers, and anyone else you might spy on the red carpet or sipping coffee in West Hollywood. Keep scrolling for the seven pillars of fantastic brows, according to celebrity brow and makeup artist Stevi Christine (who grooms my brows) and Kristie Streicher, The Feathered Brow expert and co-owner of Striiike beauty studio. Sit tight. Your best brows ever await.