How to pass time waiting for Nevada to finish counting? These people made memes.

Many people on social media are dealing with the suspense of the U.S. presidential election by doing what they do best: making memes.

And the joke is on Nevada.

The state — like several other closely watched swing states — has released small numbers of votes in drips and drops.

Observers hoping for a quick end to the count were frustrated when Joe Gloria, Clark County’s registrar of voters, announced on Wednesday that the state wouldn’t finish counting the “bulk” of its remaining ballots until Saturday or Sunday.

“We’re not interested in moving as fast as we can,” Mr. Gloria said at a Friday news conference. “We want to be accurate.”

This measured approach was enough to inspire people on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, whose posts insinuate that the state has adopted a leisurely pace. One user posted a video of the “We Just Got a Letter” song from the show “Blue’s Clues,” a Nickelodeon TV show in which a mystery is solved in each episode … slowly.

Several posts depicted Nevada’s poll workers as Flash Slothmore, a character from the film “Zootopia.”

Plenty of videos involved songs about counting slowly, or slacking off at work.

Other users posted clips with music edited to build up to a climax that never comes, like a clip of the intro to the song “What’s Poppin,” by Jack Harlow. One video portrayed Nevada as Brian McKnight, singing his 1999 slow jam “Back at One.”

Users also jokingly suggested faster possible vote counters: the rapper Lil Baby, depicted riffling quickly through a stack of hundred dollar bills, or Dougie, the “Twin Peaks” character with a lucky streak in casinos.

One person delivered perhaps the ultimate critique of slow results: comparing Nevada to George R.R. Martin, the author of the (unfinished) fantasy series “Game of Thrones.”