How To Make Fermented Garlic To Boost Immunity

While we’ve long lauded the health benefits of garlic for boosting immunity and fermented food for, well, everything, we’ve never combined the two—until now. Jean Choi, author of Korean Paleo, explains that the secret to highly delicious Korean food—and a powerfully strong immune system—is something known as Manuel Jjangachi.

“This recipe is a popular side dish in Korea, loved for its spicy, garlicky kick, mixed with the addictive slightly sweet tang from the honey and the fermentation process,” Choi explains. “Garlic, the main ingredient, is a known nutritional powerhouse for its antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It contains beneficial compounds found to reduce inflammation, offer antioxidant benefits, and strengthen our immune system. Honey also boosts antioxidants in our body and increases our ability to fight disease. When used together, these can become a powerful tool during cold and flu season or for everyday health maintenance.”

While the two ingredients alone are great, they’re made exponentially greater by the fermentation process. “The allicin in garlic, which gives it its immune-boosting properties, is significantly increased when fermented,” Choi says.

She recommends that you enjoy Manuel Jjangachi every day as a condiment, but, if you’re coming down with something, you can load up with about a quarter-cup of it two or three times a day to fight off whatever bug you are dealing with. Make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge indefinitely, so you have it on hand whenever you need it.