How to Make a Capsule Wardrobe the Easy Way

closet clean out was in order, and Zeilic decided to take it a step further and use the opportunity to create a capsule wardrobe, too. Zeilic knew a typical capsule wardrobe wouldn’t work for herthe normal draconian approach where you have to reduce your entire closet to a handful of pieces felt too restrictive and like it could be ripe for regret.

As we’ve learned, it’s best not to make too many rash decisions during this time (I’m looking at you, DIY bangs). Rather, she created a mood board to help “really define” her style. “Having a reference point for what to move into my ‘this season’ section of the wardrobe, and what to keep, toss, or give away makes it a lot easier to clean out my closet. The mood board also helps me to shop more intentionally to fill in the gaps,” Zeilic shared.

As for anything that didn’t fit the mood board? If she thinks she may want to wear it down the road, it simply gets stored into bins for future use. For those of us who are attached to our clothes (um, all of us?), it’s a way more realistic approach to curating a new look for yourself and paring down your closet.