How to Look More Stylish With Trends to Ditch

With the ever-changing fashion world and trend cycle, it can seem daunting and quite frankly too much work to keep up with what’s “in and out.” But that’s why you have us (hey there!). While we never want to steer you away from your personal style, a little sartorial guidance can be useful to determine which new looks are worth testing out—and alternatively worth skipping altogether.

To back us up on the items worth buying and ditching to take your style to the next level this season, we tapped Melissa Moylan, VP, Creative of Womenswear, at trend-forecasting mecca Fashion Snoops. But okay before we go further, we know the idea of “ditching” trends is a bit aggressive, but what we mean here is the idea that sometimes it’s okay to store certain pieces away to keep your look current and modern. Of course, at the end of the day, enhancing your style really just comes back to what makes you feel comfortable and confident. So interpret the below advice as you will.

But with that, keep scrolling for the trends worth shopping and skipping to help upgrade your style as you kick off the new year.