How to Get the Most Instagram Likes for Fashion Posts

Trying to make your photos perform on Instagram can seem like a moving target, algorithm changes notwithstanding. And hey, no shame in the game, we can all admit we like getting likes; that dopamine hit is well documented. And actually it’s partially due the the unpredictable nature of Instagram post performance that makes racking up the double taps so addictive.

So what’s a stylish girl to do? Well, if you’ve already tried “not caring” and deleting the app for the thousandth time, we figured we’d pool our Who What Wear team resources to share our insights. We had Mimi Postigo, the brains behind the day-to-day management of the @WhoWhatWear account, weigh in on the why behind our most-liked posts.

From how to maximize reach to the color that performs 24% better, read on for her takeaways you can apply to your own fashionable feed.