How to Get Anna Wintour’s 3 Favorite Shoes on a Budget

We like to wax lyrical about Anna Wintour (a lot!) here at Who What Wear, and who can blame us? With three decades in the public eye, the Vogue editor in chief continues to inspire us with her bold personal style choices—from her punchy, printed midi dresses to her statement coats and those unmistakable Chanel sunglasses. But today we’re honing in on her shoes. Surprisingly, the fashion icon’s footwear choices are considerably pared-back compared to the rest of her closet. If you’ve kept a close eye on her shoe game throughout the years, you’ll see she chooses staple styles that she wears time and again. Case in point: Her beloved nude Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals, which she owns in a plethora of neutral shades and wears on repeat. Same goes for her classic knee-high boots, which she own in plenty of classic colors and tucks under her midi dresses, a signature Wintour look as of late.

While Wintour may be partial to high-end designer shoes, it is possible to emulate her favorite styles without spending your whole paycheck(s)! Ahead, we’re rounding up how to get her favorite shoes on a fast-fashion budget.